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Improving Decision-Making about Feeding Options in Dementia Feeding problems are common in advanced dementia, triggering decision-making about options of tube feeding, assisted oral...
Informing the National Strategy for Alzheimer’s Disease and other Dementias: National Survey Findings The Canadian Home Care Association (CHCA) conducted online surveys throughout January 2018, Alzheimer's Awareness Month,...
Listen, Talk, Connect: Communicating With People Living With Dementia This booklet is intended to improve communication (both verbal and nonverbal) between caregiver, families and friends of...
Pain and Dementia In order to address the significant problem of undiagnosed and under-treated pain in the elderly, Cary A. Brown, University...
The Palliative Approach for Advanced Dementia in Long Term Care This pamphlet was made to help persons with Dementia and their families know what to expect at the end of life so they can...
Positive Communication- The Open Dementia Programme These 20-30 minute modules of the Open Dementia e-Learning Programme are designed for anyone who has contact with someone...
Progression of Parkinson’s Disease Info Sheet Helpful information about Parkinson’s disease
Promoting Quality of Life in Planning Care A resource booklet that provides information to families on end stage dementia. Includes common signs and symptoms of decline...
Taking Care of Caregivers (Alzheimer Society) After hours telephone support provided by the Alzheimer Society across Canada.    Phone: 1 866 797 0000
TeepaSnow: Positive Approach to Brain Change (Dementia) This website has a wealth of resources to support a better understanding of Dementia. Patients and families as well as health...
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