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Our team of palliative care experts is ready to answer your questions about terminal illness, end-of-life care, loss and bereavement. You will receive a detailed, personal response in three working days. All questions and answers are confidential.  See Privacy Policy

If your concern is about a situation that may be urgent, please seek medical attention immediately, either from your health team or through your local emergency services.

Our Ask a Professional team includes doctors, clinical nurse specialists, a social worker, a pharmacist and a spiritual care advisor who specialize in the care of individuals and families living with terminal illness or loss. Ask a Professional is not meant to be a substitute for direct medical advice and/or care. Our team cannot provide advice regarding diagnosis or medical treatment to the public.  See Legal Notices

This service is for residents of Canada only.

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Our team of palliative care experts responds to every question with a confidential answer.

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