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Medical Assistance in Dying Federal Reporting Regulations Details regarding federal regulations for the monitoring of Medical Assistance in Dying
Ottawa Deaf Health Care Team The Ottawa Deaf Health Care Team (ODHCT) supports Deaf, hard of hearing, deaf, Deafblind, deafened and Deaf with multiple...
Palliative care access for hospitalized patients with end-stage liver disease across the United States This American research study focused on formal palliative care involvement in the hospitalized end stage liver disease patient...
Palliative Care And MAiD: Co-Existing In The New Environment Survey Report CHPCA Created this report is to share insight into the lived experience of health care workers in Canada who perform or are...
Perspectives on the Final Stages of Life from LGBT Elders Living in Ontario This report details the findings of a research project that investigated the health care experiences, barriers and needs...
Position Statement - Canadian Society of Palliative Care Physicians and Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) The goal of this Key Messages document is to help clarify and define the role of palliative care within the Canadian context...
Reason to Live: Suicide Prevention This website was developed and is supported by the Klinic Community Health Centre, and funded through Manitoba Health. It...
Second Interim Report on Medical Assistance in Dying in Canada The second document in a series of sequential reports released by Health Canada on the status of Medical Assistance in Dying...
Speaking Up and Speaking Out (Toolkit) A toolkit for healthcare providers that includes a collection of educational resources to aid healthcare professionals in...
Staying Out of the Closet: LGBT Older Adults’ Hopes and Fears in Considering End-of-Life The purpose of this study was to begin to fill the gaps in current research on LGBT aging and end-of-life in Canada. Through...
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