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Kath Murray
Lifetime Achievements
May 08, 2017

Kath Murray is passionate about increasing the capacity of all health care team members to provide excellent care for the dying and the bereaved, through education and pragmatic resources.

Grounded in years of experience as a registered nurse working with the Victoria Hospice and the Victoria Hospice Palliative Response Team, followed by a Masters Degree and Fellowship in Thanatology, Kath has dedicated immeasurable time, energy, and personal resources to truly make a difference in palliative care education.

In 2004, along with her Ted, she founded Life and Death Matters, an education consulting company. Her first book, “Essentials in Palliative Care”, was published in 2005. In 2008 Kath took up the challenge issued by Dr George Eisler from the BC Academic Health Council to leaders in hospice palliative care with the question, “How can you prepare the workforce for the coming tsunami of dying?”  Using the resources she had developed, Kath started educating educators teaching health care workers and practical nurses across Canada. She stressed the importance of integrating hospice palliative care content in core curriculum and shared her text “Essentials in Hospice Palliative Care”.   Subsequently, Kath has written a text and companion workbook specifically for health care workers titled, “Integrating a Palliative Approach: A Resource for Personal Support Workers”. And most recently she published a text for nurses “Essentials in Hospice and Palliative Care: A Practical Resource for Every Nurse” - a visually inviting, comprehensive and user-friendly reference that nurses should have at their finger-tips.
As well as being practical clinical tools, her resources are designed to help students meet the provincial/state and national education standards/competencies related to hospice palliative care.

Over the years, Kath (and Ted) have travelled countless miles across Canada, the US, Mexico and beyond, delivering presentations, discussing and assessing palliative care educational needs, orchestrating online courses, and creating teaching resources in English and other languages. She responds to requests as they arise, and was honoured to adapt her resources for nurses in Nepal and was able to teach the Nepalese nurses before completing their textbook. As always, she nurtured the local educators by developing modules to help support the students and educators.

Kath’s textbooks and companion workbooks, educational DVD’s, PowerPoint teaching presentations and podcasts are now integrated in over 200 schools and sites across Canada and the US for personal support workers and practical nurses, as well as in orientations and continuing education programs for residential hospices, long term care facilities and palliative care units.

In the palliative care community, Kath is known for her welcoming smile, her skill in connecting colleagues and making things happen, her determination and hard work, and constant promotion of excellence in palliative care.

Beyond work hours, Kath is a devoted to her family and a faithful volunteer within her Vancouver Island community, province of BC, and at national and international levels. 

While known for always promoting the expertise and good work of others, it is your turn to ‘Take a Bow’ Kath Murray ... in appreciation and recognition for helping countless individuals, families and health care providers realize that life and death matters.

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