Palliative and end of life care: Alberta Provincial Framework

AuteurAlberta Health Services

This Palliative and End-of-Life Care (PEOLC) Provincial Framework has been written by experts in PEOLC  across  Alberta. The  primary  audience  for  this  document  is  PEOLC  interdisciplinary  team providers,  policy  makers  and  service  administrators. Additionally,  the framework  is  a  resource  for clinicians  who  are  not familiar  with  PEOLC  and  want  to  offer  high  quality  PEOLC  services. Albertans  are  encouraged  to  be  aware  of  and  review  the  document, but  it  is  not  intended  as  an informational guide  for  patients  and  families  going  through  the  PEOLC  journey. There  will  be  a companion document developed for patients and families with this focus. The framework and the action items outlined in the initiatives are relevant to many other health and community services such as senior executives within Alberta Health Services (AHS), the Government of Alberta, Primary Care Providers and Networks, and Family Care Clinics.

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