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Our clinical team has identified protocols, advanced practices, and assessment and evaluation tools to help support your practice.

Health and the Human Spirit: Shaping the Direction of Spiritual Health Care in Manitoba This strategic plan is in response to the growing awareness that spirituality, or the way a person searches for and finds...
Holistic Support-spiritual and religious A concise quality statement and associated measures from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Evidence (NICE).
Indigenous Cultural Competency (ICC) Online Training Program This website includes information about the ICC training program. You will be able to register for and log into the core...
Indigenous Voices First Nations, Inuit and Métis share stories about living with serious illness and grief in over 170 short video clips. Indigenous...
Inter-Professional Spiritual Care Engagement Tool (SCET) This educational package has self-directed learning options for health care providers to gain an understanding of spiritual...
Karissa and Felix After the death of Karissa’s grandfather, an unlikely friend delivers a special gift of remembrance. A young children’s book...
Knowing What To Say Knowing What To Say --- "Speaking With Patients About Spirituality & Exploring Verbal Responses to Spiritual Pain" is an...
Latino Outreach Guide Free online outreach guides for health care providers to enhance access and palliative care in these diverse communities.
Learning Module Cultural and Spiritual Sensitivity A Quick Guide to Cultures and Spiritual Traditions This self-learning module has been developed to assist the user to: • Address the issues of cultural and spiritual diversity... LivingMyCulture. ca shares the lived experience of sixty-four people from eleven cultures. Stories about traditions, rituals...
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