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Our clinical team has identified protocols, advanced practices, and assessment and evaluation tools to help support your practice.

Pediatric Palliative Care Field Guide: Catalog of Resources, Tools and Training to Promote PPC Innovation, Development and Growth While the goals of pediatric and adult palliative care are the same – to relieve suffering for seriously ill patients and...
Perinatal and Pediatric Bereavement in Nursing and Other Health Professions This book includes new evidence-based research and findings in bereavement from scholars and practitioners worldwide, linking...
Perinatal Loss: Mobile App to Assist in Care This article briefly outlines a newly developed free mobile app designed to support the needs of woman who have experienced...
Perspectives on Palliative Care For Children and Young People: A Global Discourse This book invites paediatric palliative care professionals, parents and children from around the globe to share their knowledge...
Pregnancy and Infant Loss Summit Recommendations This executive summary represents a condensed version of the recommendations put forward by the speakers at the 2016 Pregnancy...
Preparing Children for Funeral and Memorials Family rituals following a death are significant events in an individual’s life, and children are no exception. Families...
The Private Worlds of Dying Children Stories of dying children and how they cope with illness.
A Really Practical Handbook of Children’s Palliative Care for Doctors and Nurses Anywhere in the World A Really Practical Handbook of Children’s Palliative Care for Doctors and Nurses Anywhere in the World offers really practical...
Region of Peel: Children's Support Services for Grieving or Bereaved Children Needs Assessment (Literature Search) This literature search focuses on key articles, reports, etc., published between 2010 and 2015. The articles, etc., listed...
Sesame Street in Communities - Helping Kids Grieve: Training Video While adults understand the permanence of death rather quickly, children often need more time. Feelings of grief come and...
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