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Our clinical team has identified protocols, advanced practices, and assessment and evaluation tools to help support your practice.

International Children's Palliative Care Network The ICPCN’s mission is to achieve the best quality of life and care for children and young people with life-limiting conditions,...
The Invisible String Parents, educators, therapists, and social workers alike have declared The Invisible String the perfect tool for coping with...
Little Stars: Accomplishing the Extraordinary in the Face of Serious Illness Little Stars tells the surprisingly life-affirming stories of young people living with life-limiting illnesses. Against the... (website) Young adults and teens are shattering the silence of living and dying with advanced illness by creating a webspace of their...
Loss, grief and growth: Educational project inc. Intended to help educators support students in their classroom who have experiences involving loss and grief, particularly...
Lost Innocence: Dealing with the Death of a Young Child In this video you will meet three parents who have experienced the death of a young child. The parents speak openly about...
Making Every Moment Count Dr Leora Kuttner, an award-winning filmmaker and an international expert in pediatric pain management, brings us this groundbreaking...
My Love Will Follow You There: Calming imagery for children facing death This book combines mindfulness with storytelling to create a peaceful way to say goodbye to a child who is facing death.
Nausea & Vomiting in Children This webinar from the Pediatric Palliative Care Service IWK Health Centre discusses the assessment and management of nausea...
NHPCO's Facts and Figures: Pediatric Palliative and Hospice Care in America To understand the importance of pediatric palliative and hospice care, NHPCO and ChiPPS released a document with facts and...
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