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Our clinical team has identified protocols, advanced practices, and assessment and evaluation tools to help support your practice.

Saint Elizabeth – Hospice and Palliative Care Online Course This online course offers health care providers an opportunity to learn about and explore a range of palliative care topics,...
Saint Elizabeth Health Care @YourSideColleague® Palliative Care Course This is an online education resource to support quality palliative care and knowledge translation in First Nations, Inuit...
Screening for Distress Education Program The screening for distress education program was created to support the implementation of screening for distress programs...
Shift your care to a palliative approach (infographic) Not all patients will require care provided by specialized palliative programs but they can still benefit from a palliative...
Social History Implementation Module A social history is a compilation of biographical information about an individual. It may include questions about an individual's...
Summary Chart: Hospice Palliative Care Nursing Certification Exam Development Guidelines This document includes the CNA Hospice Palliative Care Nursing Certification Exam development guidelines and the list of...
Surgical Grand Rounds: Palliative Care (presentations) online presentations from Surgical Grand Rounds: Palliative Care at University of Massachusetts, Memorial Medical Center,...
Teaching end-of-life care in the home Article available with free access online.
Teaching Resources for Social Work Education in Hospice Palliative Care Teaching resources for social work education in hospice palliative care available in French and English. This unit contains...
Training for Support Workers: Unleashing the Potential A final report of the palliaitve care training for support workers project.
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