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Dying at home
Palliative Care In The Home This practical reference book by noted palliative care specialists gives clear guidelines on how to provide high-quality...
Preparing for an Expected Death at Home This is a short and informative booklet that assists those who are aniticipating caring for someone who wants to die at home.
Preparing for Predictable Clinical Challenges Anticipating and preparing for predictable clinical challenges in the medical care of the terminally ill person wishing to...
Procedure for Subcutaneous administration Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) procedure for providing an evidenced-based standard approach to establishing a...
Safe disposal of fentanyl patches This page on the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia website, offers helpful information to patients, family members...
Supporting and Strengthening Families Through Expected and Unexpected Life Events - March 2006 Focusing on the family is an integral component of nursing practice. This guideline was developed to promote and facilitate...
Supporting Informal Caregivers—The Heart of Home Care The first of two related studies released in 2010 by Canadian Institute for Health Information. "Supporting Informal Caregivers—The...
Teaching end-of-life care in the home Article available with free access online.
THE WAY FORWARD - Care & Work: A Balancing Act (Report) This evidence based report sheds light on the experiences of caregivers who balance caregiving and professional employment.
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