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Our clinical team has identified protocols, advanced practices, and assessment and evaluation tools to help support your practice.

Dignity in Care Dignity in Care provides practical ideas and tools to support a culture of compassion and respect throughout the health care...
Dignity in Care: Time to Take Action Article in Press on caring for patients, dignity, and personhood.
Dignity Therapy: Final Words for Final Days An introduction to Dr Chochinov's pioneering and innovative work related to dignity therapy, this book provides the history,...
'Does cancer not care I have plans?': Terminal diagnosis forces author to grab hold of life Listen to a conversation with author Kate Bowler who was interviewed on "The Current" (CBC radio). Kate is the author of...
Dying, Dignity, and New Horizons in Palliative End-of-Life Care This article provides an overview of the physical, psychosocial, existential and spiritual challenges that people will face...
Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care Effective teaching video on the topic of empathy;  4 minutes & 24seconds in length.
End of Life Care - Strategies for Optimizing Family & Team Communications Presntation by Susan Blacker, RSW, MSW at the NICE (National Institute for the Care of the Elderly) Knowledge Exchange Conference...
End of Life: Powerpoint Learning Module This 70 minute, voiced-over powerpoint presentation reviews the core elements of quality palliative care and gets to the...
End-of-Life Care: A Practical Guide This book provides clinical guidance for health care providers on various end-of-life symptoms, grief and bereavement, communication,...
Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other Lies I've Loved Kate Bowler is a professor at Duke Divinity School with a modest Christian upbringing, but she specializes in the study of...
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