Sarah Brown BSc, RN, MN, CNS

Clinical Nurse Specialist, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Palliative Care Program

Sarah Brown is a clinical nurse specialist with expertise in palliative care and geriatrics. She has a particular interest in pain management and the end of life care needs of the elderly in all clinical settings. As a member of the Canadian Virtual Hospice clinical team, Sarah helps develop and review clinical health information for and answers questions submitted to Ask a Professional.

  • Master of Nursing, University of Manitoba (2003)
  • Bachelor of Nursing (Honours), University of Manitoba (1996)
  • Bachelor of Science, University of Manitoba (1993)

Clinical Affiliation

  • Clinical Nurse Specialist, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Palliative Care Program
  • Grants & Awards
  • Deer Lodge Centre Research Grant (2006)
  • Murphy Scholarship in Graduate Research in Oncology Nursing, The Murphy Foundation Inc. (2000)
  • Maurice Legault Fellowship, Canadian Cancer Society (1999)


  • Brown, S. & Whitbread, L. (2010). Death by Side Rail. Healthcare Quarterly, 13(3), 80-85.
  • Le May, S., Gibson, M., Savoie, M., Woodbury, M., Gorman, M., Gunness, J, Brown, S., Tupper, N., Wilson, D. (2006). Survey of pain management of veterans in the vet-link network. Stride, 8(4), 6-8.
  • Brown, S. & Degner, L. (2001). Delirium in the terminally-ill cancer patient: aetiology, symptoms and management. International Journal of Palliative Nursing, 7(6), 266-272.

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