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Titre de l’événement : Helping Children Through Trauma
Organisme : Seasons Centre for Grieving Children
Date de l’événement : février 26, 2018 to février 26, 2018 9:00am - 4:00pm and 6:00pm - 8:30pm
Lieu : Liberty North Event Facility
100 Caplan Avenue
Barrie, Ontario, L4M 1P1
Code postal : L4M 1P1
Lien :
Personne-ressource : Joan Kennedy
705-721-5437 x - 202
Public cible : Grand public, Professionnels de la santé, Bénévoles, Autres
Catégorie : Atelier
Détails :

WORKSHOPS WILL HIGHLIGHT How a traumatic event can involve a single experience, or enduring repeated events, that completely overwhelm the individual’s ability to cope or integrate the ideas and emotions involved in that experience.

GOALS: How we each respond differently to emotionally jarring events; trauma lies in our response to the event, not the event itself • Trauma can arise from ongoing neglect and abuse • The physiological effects that trauma can have on the brain and body • That trauma ignored in childhood can have an impact on mental health throughout life • The nature of inter-generational trauma, especially among Indigenous families • How to recognize signs and symptoms of trauma and the potential impact on a child’s development • How different age groups may be affected, including 0-6 year old to teens • How trauma-informed practice (agencies, schools, child care, home) can provide practical support to build children’s resilience and overcome traumatic experience. • The role that race and poverty play in making some children more vulnerable to trauma, including inter-generational trauma.


KEYNOTE SPEAKER DR. JEAN CLINTON A Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences at McMaster, division of Child Psychiatry. Dr. Clinton is on staff at McMaster Children’s Hospital with cross appointments in Pediatrics and Family Medicine, and an Associate in the Department of Child Psychiatry, University of Toronto and Sick Children’s Hospital. She has been a consultant to children and youth mental health programs, child welfare, and primary care for almost 30 years. A panel moderated by Dr. Jean Clinton which will include DR. JEANETTE SAWYER COHEN clinical psychologist and infant mental health specialist; CHRISTY HAMILL Mental Health Lead with North East Ontario School Authorities; DEB DANARD Traditional Knowledge Practitioner & Life Promotion Ambassador; VALERIE GOOD, New Path Youth and Family Therapist and KATELYN ELLIS, Founder of I am Safe. NATALIE HARRIS A paramedic with the County of Simcoe Paramedic Services shares her story about post traumatic stress disorder and how it affected her career and family.

EVENING SESSION: DR. JEANETTE SAWYER COHEN, PHD is a Columbia University trained clinical psychologist and infant mental health specialist in New York, where she holds faculty positions at Weill Cornell Medical College and New York Medical College. She will share her insights as a Senior Consulting Psychologist with the New York Center for Child Development on trauma-informed care. TO

REGISTER AND PURCHASE TICKETS ONLINE PLEASE VISIT For Further Information Please Contact: Joan Kennedy, Program Director at 705.721.5437 ext. 202 or via email at Should You Require A Subsidy To Attend Either Session Please Contact: Rowley Ramey, Managing Director at 705.721.5437 ext. 100 or via email at

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